ISRMMI is excited to launch all of the new modalities of molecular imaging and Theranostics, as well as the promising future prospects of Targeted Systemic Radiation Therapy.  These advancements bring about significant improvements in clinical outcomes at a more affordable cost.

For information on our company agenda, please download the following PDF documents:

Dr. Krishnan Suthanthiran Establishes the International Society of Radiation Medicine & Molecular Imaging (ISRMMI)


Updated July 7, 2023
Rethinking Medicine – Future of Global Healthcare Delivery in the 21st Century Post COVID-19

June 25, 2023
The Future of Theranostics

Open Letters and Press Releases

October 18, 2023
Open Letter to ViewRay Customers, Service, Software Engineers and Suppliers — Let's Preserve ViewRay Technology
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October 16, 2023
Open Letter to the Lenders/Investment Bankers and Customers of ViewRay from Krishnan Suthanthiran
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October 13, 2023
Open Letter to ViewRay Customers From Krishnan Suthanthiran, President/Founder of TeamBest Global Companies

October 11, 2023
Open Letter to Members of Parliament of Canada & India from Dr. Krishnan Suthanthiran, President/Founder TeamBest Global

October 10, 2023
An Open Letter to the Customers of ViewRay From Krishnan Suthanthiran, President/Founder of TeamBest Global Companies

September 18, 2023
Message to Fellow Citizens of the World from Dr. Krishnan Suthanthiran: A New Focus on Literacy

September 8, 2023
Dr. Krishnan Suthanthiran of Best Medical International Congratulates Google on its 25th Anniversary

August 23, 2023
Chandrayaan-3 lands on Moon: India becomes 4th country to land on Lunar Surface

August 18, 2023
Dr. Krishnan Suthanthiran Announces the Establishment of the International Society for Ultrasound Imaging

July 13, 2023
Dr. Krishnan Suthanthiran Establishes International Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology: a Division of BCF

July 13, 2023
Open Letter to POTUS/FLOTUS/Members of Congress from Krishnan Suthanthiran, Founder/President TeamBest Global Companies

July 10, 2023
Best Cyclotron Systems, Inc. and Best Cure Foundation Soon to Launch Global Health Initiative in Coimbatore, South India

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